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Barry Chan’s STI


Random Pic: Black R34

This is what big boys drive haha.


That is a pretty vehicle. I just recently picked up my own ’11 STI, we’ll see what I get myself into haha. I’ll post up pics soon.

Random Picture: R32 Skyline

Another monster.

Hellaflush Japan 2011

Stickers can go a long way.

Fresh White Subaru, blending stance, style and function

Subie power.

Random Pic: Y U No Go Lower?

The bumper sticker just made me lol.

R’s Meeting 2011

My goodness that’s a lot of GTRs. Check out Jon Sibal for more photos of the event.

We Write the Streets

So many amazing cars.

Random Pic: I Love Side Boob

Such class in automotive culture, lmao.

Quasimoto – Don’t Blink

Love this music. I just recently saw him perform on campus, crazy.

Mean Blue GC8

It’s a beast!

Clean Yellow EK

Such a sick car, gotta say the wheel fitment is nice too.

Stance Suspension’s Time Attack Evo

Stance Suspension Time Attack Evo from Touge Factory on Vimeo.

Beautiful sound.

Subaru GC8 Mountain Passes

That anti-lag sounds crazy haha.