Some Rainy Day Music

Some stuff for the rainy days that can still be super chill days.
Some music and music videos
Some Median

Adrian Lux

The end of the video was a surprise to me, not that there’s anything wrong with it like many in this world would like to believe. It doesn’t always have to be a male and a female, that’s cliche lol.
Anyways, more Adrian Lux

Some Netsky

If you haven’t been mellow recently, give it a try haha.
Basement Jaxx (long time fav for their unique sound)

And the remix to follow, both are good imo.


Love this one.

Now I’m off this, reading books, music playing in the background, and leaving the windows open, love the smell of rainy days. Only thing that’s going to suck is not having the gf here, work is a thief!

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