Got on My Bike

This past Friday I rode for the first time in many many months, it was an epic fail lol. I am super slow and have essentially forgotten most of what I knew. On top of that, I’m now super sore, I really let myself fall off. But, now I have something to look forward to…getting back in shape. I’ll try real hard and hopefully no injuries are inflicted this summer. At the same time, I will probably be carrying around my camera more often which means I can’t be jibbin all crazy every where I ride to for the sake of not breaking it. Hopefully I’ll get some sick shots here and there, which I’d obviously post here.
Anyways, I’m out to rest and chill with the gf, feeling sick (she is too) so I’m definitely in dire need of some down time. Maybe I’ll watch a movie or something.
Chillin on this right now:

Love the beat and Phonte is sick in any song. “In Search of Stoney Jackson” is a sick album.

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